This is us!

We met in Mallorca.  Far from God and immersed in ungodliness.  In His great wisdom He brought us together and as time went by He drew us closer to Him.

Then we had Lana and Anya. That was going to be that. We had our little house, our boats and dreams of fancy holidays etc.

God had other plans, and brought me (Tess) to a place of being happy at home and leaving the family planning up to Him. Along came David, Ben, Reuben and soon, Faith.

A friend inadvertently gave us Faith's name. In the buildup to her birth we had to move.  It needed a lot of faith. It was a chosen name. We moved two months before her birth to a big house with a huge garden, we were sure that God was blessing us materially and growing Pete's business - we thought we were "prospering".

And then we met some lovely friends who challenged us in how we were reading the bible. We immediately started delving deeply into God's word to prove them wrong, and began to realised that they were indeed right. We discovered God's feasts and His Sabbath, and Israel. It fundamentally changed us.

And then Pete went to Israel for two weeks in February 2020.  Before he left we already knew that something had to change. He came back a different person and within two weeks of him returning we knew we were going to give up our house, sell everything we can and go to Israel, first for four months, and then wait on God for the next step.  

The blog will fill in the details.